Stone Pendant Necklace

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 Hypersthene, Sunstone, and Rhodonite with a Gold Chain

Hypersthene , Carnelian Agate, and Rose Quartz with a Gold Chain

Hypersthene Its positive energy is thought to attract romance, happiness, and success. Along the way, it also alleviates fear, encourages independence, and improves self-esteem. 

Sunshine magical stone and is believed to help in problem-solving.

Rhodonite if your looking for compassion and love Rhodonite is a great stone for you.

Carnelian Agate is great to aid in your second Chakra (the Sacral Chakra). Your sacral chakra is believed to be located right under your navel. This Chakra is believed to control your sex organs and the kidneys.

Rose Quartz Rose Quartz  is known as the stone of love and it also helps in relationship healing, supports emotions, and Inspires compassion, it is known to help promote feelings of calmness and peace.

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