About Us


About Us:

I am a loving mother of four fantastic, bright, beautiful children. 

While my third child was born Autistic and needed extra attention, I decided to take a chance with the encouragement of my husband to stay at home and home school.

Without knowing how big of a commitment this task was, to keep me from getting overwhelmed, and, after a long day of teaching, being a mom. A wife, I needed something, to help me unwind and take my mind to a different "happy place", something that was just for me, so I started making jewelry (not as easy as it sounds). 

At first, it was just for fun for myself, my daughter, friends, family, and conversation starters. lol.

It is also a perfect way to bring awareness, and information to the global community about Autism. The benefits, effects, and differences, and the impact it has on not just those that have been specifically diagnosed, but for everyone around, and involved with that person.


(Autism is not a disability, it's dedication, determination, commitment, ambition, and overall uniqueness. teaching us, how to see the world from a creative, bright point of view.)



Who We Are:

E-Monae Jewels LLC. Accessories Company

is a Virtual e-commerce merchandise business.

Owned By Monique Cleveland Designer. 

The company established locally in 2020

which, has since then turned Global in 2021.

Here at E-Monae Jewels, our mission is to create quality handmade jewelry that you fall in love with and that you can admire!

In a vast everchanging society, we do not discriminate. we are respectful, prompt, courteous, and discreet. with the highest of expectations within the company, we value our professionalism

E-Monae Jewels LLC is very passionate about the creative work and time, for the piece designedE-Monae LLC is also, extremely dedicated and committed to its merchants.



What We Do:

E-Monae Jewels LLC is an internet accessories store, which makes jewelry for men, women, children, family, and friends. Each beautiful piece is handmade with love.

With the highest quality gemstones and other materials, we offer a variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets sets, and individual pieces.

Upon consultation, each piece is customizable, per your personal specifications. If you do not see something that you love or if there is something that you love but would like it in a different color or want to add or take away charms... Let us know. We will work with you until it's to your liking. So that you have the perfect piece made for you or for that special someone!

Jewelry making is what I love to do and if I don't have something that you are looking for, let me know and I will bring your idea to life. When it comes to custom jewelry it gives me the opportunity to bring my artistic abilities to life in the jewelry! Our one-of-a-kind, handmade, jewelry is perfect for those who enjoy a stunning natural look to bring out their own unique flair to whatever the outfit, or occasion

            (Ps. Who says you only need to glam up your outfit? we also design other miscellaneous items to tickle your fancy.)