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E-Monae Jewels LLC.

Accessories Company is a Virtual e-commerce merchandise business. Owned By Monique Cleveland Designer. The company established locally in 2020 which, has since then turned Global in 2021. Here at E-Monae Jewels, our mission is to create quality handmade jewelry that you fall in love with and that you can admire! In a vast everchanging society, we do not discriminate. we are respectful, prompt, courteous, and discreet. with the highest of expectations within the company, we value our professionalism. E-Monae Jewels LLC is very passionate about the creative work and time, for the piece designed. E-Monae LLC is also, extremely dedicated and committed to its merchants.

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“You’re Not Fully Dressed Until a Piece of Jewelry Add Some Sparkle on It.”


"It's only possible to live happily ever after on a day-to-day basis." •Margaret Bonnano•

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  • Stones, blunt holders, roach clips, wire wrapped holder
  • Pink Tiger Eye, Pearls, Chevron Beads, Amethyst Tiger's Eye, Cracked Agate, and earrings
  • 5 elements, Black girls rock, and Gemstones
  • cz, Beads, Gemstones, and Charms
  • let's get waisted, waist beads Chakra waist beads
  • memory wire bracelets
  • bracelet, charm bracelets, gemstones, and watchband
  • Jewelry beaded pens
  • Waist beads ,beautiful earrings
  • necklace, charms, Unique, Women Elastic Bracelets

Custom Order Inquiries

     Custom orders are invoiced through Cashapp or (through the website) and generally take 3-5 day for completion. 

A 50% deposit is required to start custom orders. The deposit is due within 24 hours of issuance. Deposit is non-refundable. Full payment must be made within 3 days, or the custom order will be cancelled. Custom orders will not be started until full payment has been made. 

​Custom order costs vary, depending on the design, materials and time used to make the product. Each custom order is handmade with love.

​Once your custom order is completed, it will be shipped via USPS. Shipping cost ($4.50) is for standard USPS first class shipping($8.50).

 All custom items sales are final!


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