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Evil Eyes

Evil Eyes

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The evil eye is a curse believed to have been cast by malevolent glances. It brings health problems, bad luck, and other difficulties to the person who gets it even without being aware of that fact. The only way for this person to get rid of all those unwanted consequences is to wear an evil eye protection bracelet.

Red Evil Eye Bracelet: Brings good luck, health, and happiness to the person who wears it. The protective powers of this talisman will also help its owner in different challenging situations that might come up throughout their life.

Pink Evil Eye Bracelet: Unsurprisingly, represents love. It can also keep your friendships with others safe and is also great for providing the wearer a sense of calm and relaxation.

Blue Evil Eye Bracelet: Offers protection from karma and fate. 

Black Evil Eye Bracelet: Offers choice-making, influence, support, clarity, energy, self-understanding, impact, confidence, power, and protection.

White Evil Eye Bracelet: offers wealth purity and focus, clear clutter and obstacles, and a fresh start.


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