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Agate Apple Watch Band (Grape Agate)

Agate Apple Watch Band (Grape Agate)

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The Grape Agate Watch Band turns a plain-jane watch into a sparkling piece that catches an onlooker's eye. The 8mm Grape Agate Watch Band is a bracelet made from elegant white Jade and is adorned with a round, sterling silver band with a dash of color from a genuine Grape Agate. The Grape Agate Watch Band is 8mm wide and fits a 38-40mm wrist.

Grape Agate is used for

  • powerful intuitive stone that activates and links the crown and third eye chakras together.

  • Helps one activate their psychic abilities and assists in the understanding of dreams.
White Jade is used for
  • to be your supporter for life because it will always look out for your best interests.

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